Don't Let Wisconsin Become the Only State Without a Fiscal Watchdog!    Vote No on April 3.  


On April 3, Wisconsin voters will be asked if they want to eliminate the office of the Wisconsin State Treasurer from our Constitution. This would make us the only state in the U.S. without a Treasurer or an equivalent watchdog office.

It would be the first time in state history that a Wisconsin Constitutional Officer has been eliminated, setting up a dangerous precedent.  

This will impact every Wisconsinite. 

Learn how it will impact you.

“Treasurers act as the watchdogs of the people’s money ... and are elected by their own constituents. This check and balance in the executive branch of government provides an effective oversight mechanism and increased transparency.”
— The Council of State Governments

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“The wise authors of Wisconsin’s constitution created a divided government – and six state constitutional officers – for a reason. Transferring duties to personnel appointed by, and/or overseen by, the governor’s office creates a disconcerting consolidation of power that has the potential to compromise fair and transparent government.”
— Melanie Strake, Waushara County Clerk

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