Cap Times: Sarah Godlewski: Vote ‘No’ on amendment to dump state treasurer

         "Getting rid of the state treasurer is equivalent to a company firing its auditor and chief                      financial officer and handing those duties to its CEO. A well-run business would never do                  this, so why would this be good for Wisconsin?" --Sarah Godlewski, impact investor


Isthmus: A power grab years in the making?

“It’s so very important to have checks and balances. This is a power grab that’s been years in the making.”--Former State Treasurer Jack Voight

WXPR: State Treasurer Elimination Concerns Local Ec. Dev. Leader


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: State Sen. Chris Kapenga explains why he voted against eliminating state treasurer position

"I have concerns with eliminating a constitutional office that has the potential to be an effective, impartial watchdog on budgetary matters."--Sen. Chris Kapenga