Wisconsin will be the ONLY state in the U.S. to not have a Treasurer or financial equivalent.

Here'e why you must Vote No on April 3...

If successful, this ballot measure moves the responsibilities of the State Treasurer to the executive branch – creating a disconcerting consolidation of power. Specifically, the lieutenant governor would replace the Treasurer on the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands (BCPL), which oversees four trust funds and the State Trust Fund Loan Program.

  • Eliminating the treasurer eliminates checks and balances. 
  • More oversight of taxpayer dollars is needed--not less!
  • The treasurer is an independently elected fiscal watchdog. 


Why does this matter?

As captured in our constitution, the Treasurer serves as the financial commissioner for the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands (BCPL).  The BCPL manages over $1 billion in trust fund assets, the State Trust Fund Loan Program, and over 77,000 acres of School Trust Lands. Because the Treasurer is not involved in the budget process run by the Governor and Legislature, they serve as the ideal custodian to protect the integrity of these assets.

How does this impact me and my community?

Wisconsin’s Founding Fathers, as captured in the constitution, made the treasurer the “financial” commissioner for the Board of Public Lands Commission (BCPL). The BCPL manages over $1 billion in Trust Fund assets, 77,000 acres of School Trust Lands, and the State Trust Fund Loan Program. Together, these assets create a system of funds allocated to projects benefiting every citizen of the state. These funds, guarded by the State Treasurer's office, are used to improve our public schools, libraries, our UW system, local community infrastructure like sewers, and our cherished parks.

These funds have invested millions of dollars that have impacted our public schools, local governments, and public lands. 

What's at stake?

Here's a snapshot of a how the State Treasurer's work impacts you.


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  • $32.1 million for public school library materials and technology needs - often the only source of library or technology funding for school districts in Wisconsin (FY2017)

  • Allocated an average of $26 for every child in the state between the ages of 4 and 20 years old

  • $24 million of funding for our University of Wisconsin System (FY2017)


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  • Loan program allows school districts to borrow money for safety improvements, operations, maintenance, remodeling, buildings, playground materials, and transportation.
  • $1.02 billion invested in local communities across every county in Wisconsin:
    • Economic Development: $220,920,000
    • Buildings and Infrastructure: $544,450,000
    • Capital Equipment and Vehicles: $318,050,000
    • Refinance of Pension Liability: $102,800,000
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The Board of Public Lands Commission manages over 77,000 acres of Wisconsin School Trust Lands with a high percentage of unique ecological features, including class-one trout streams and old growth forests. These lands belong to every Wisconsinite - they are ours to enjoy. Efforts from the legislature to sell off our public lands have been prevented because of BCPL efforts and safeguards. If we remove our fiscal watchdog, which would allow the elimination of an independent BCPL, who will protect the lands where we hunt, fish, swim and teach our kids Wisconsin's cherished outdoor traditions?

Here are other ways the BCPL protects our public lands and local parks:

  • Access to Public Lands: Increased public access by 28% in less than a decade
  • Comprehensive Conservation Management Plans:  15-year plans that contain information on timber management, including water features, wetlands, rare species, harvests, and planting scheduling
  •  Forest Regeneration: Planted more than 129,000 trees in a four-year span to ensure sustainable forestry
  •  Forest Inventory: Collects data on tree species, composition, timber volumes, tree regeneration, and herbaceous ground-layer plants
  •  Forest Stewardship Council Management Certification: Implements FSC guidelines with forest management

This effective management has further improved the overall timber base by 20%, providing more revenue to public schools through the School Trust Lands, while preserving rare and unique ecosystems. 

Here is a list of the current projects the State Trust Fund Loan Program helps fund.